Decades of know-how in dispersing and mixing technology as well as depth knowledge in all disciplines of process engineering at EKATO GROUP form the basis for the successful use of EKATO technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry EKATO SYSTEMS can benefit from its many years of know-how and extensive experience in producing processing units for the personal and healthcare industry. In addition to the dryers and mixers offered in the product portfolio of SOLIDMIX, e.g. to dry active pharmaceutical substances, the product basket of UNIMIX covers the production of ointments, creams and gels that are used in the pharmaceutical industry.


EKATO SYSTEMS offers state of the art vacuum processing units for decades, with long term experience in the cosmetic industry to meet todays and tomorrows demands.

As one of the technology leader for production equipment in the cosmetic business, the EKATO product lines UNIMIX and SOLIDMIX are able to produce various product formulations.