The science of washing is based on applying the required amount of energy to the equipment to ensure that it is cleaned.

The energy is primarily provided by

  • the solution temperature (thermal energy)
  • the use of detergent or solvent (chemical energy)
  • and the application of kinetic energy for a defined time period.

Suncombe started producing washers over 40 years ago and supply a full range of high quality, robust and reliable washers. Developed with major clientele and suitable for full validation, our washers are used for washing, drying, sanitising and sterilising moveable items and equipment.

Washing Technologies

  • Spray Cleaning
  • Immersion
  • Flooding Immersion with Agitation
  • Immersion with Turbulation Fogging
  • Vaporisation Ultrasonic Cleaning Air Cleaning Drying
  • Cooling

Benefits of Washing

  • Reproducible
  • Repeatable
  • Validatable and Controllable
  • Results Reduction in Mechanical handling
  • Quality of Washing Washes area not accessible by manual cleaning
  • Reduction of Cleaning Time
  • Increased productivity through reduction of down time
  • Chemical Handling
  • Reduction Health and Safety
  • Batch Traceability and Records
  • Stronger Chemicals and higher temperatures can be used
  • Environmental Issues and Legislation


Single door or pass through washing of any combination of larger components. Typical applications include larger change parts, IBCs, filters and sieve parts, pallets, drums, mobile vessels etc. Trolleys and racks are designed to hold the equipment with options of inverters and high pressure models.


DrumRoll™ Wash Station

System for cleaning drums internally often using an inverting mechanism.



Hospital BedWasher

The BedWasher™ are part of our MediWasher™ range of products. They are front loading or pass-through large washer/disinfectors, which are designed for the cleaning of Bed frames, Trolleys, Commodes, Bedside tables, Containers, Operating Tables etc.


IBC Washbooth

Available as single door or pass through versions, they offer a fully contained, validatable unit to clean and dry the internals and externals of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).


IBC Wash Station

Simple low cost wash stations provide cleaning and drying of IBC internals. Internal washing is achieved using a series of high pressure jets inserted into the IBC, which follow a recipe controlled sequence to provide repeatable patterns to ensure total coverage of internal surfaces.


Immersion Washer™

The ImmersionWasher™s are a range of washers which employ a combination of immersion, turbulation, recirculation and spray cleaning to provide a cleaning solution for hoses and parts.


PureKleen™ Parts Washer

Suncombe PureKleen Parts Washers are high specification units, using an innovative spray technique, offers the perfect clean employing high impact accurate spray targeting. They incorporate existing and new technologies to provide an environmentally friendly, low water and energy usage washing facility for parts washing.



The SonoKleen™ primarily uses Ultrasonic cleaning but also incorporates other cleaning technologies to allow the operator to develop the optimum wash for your equipment. The combination of technologies ensures that the best results are achieved, whilst minimising the energy and utility usage and reducing the washing time and manual handling. The recipe selectable technologies include ultrasonic, immersion, turbulation, recirculation and spray cleaning.



An open bottomed washing cabinet, available as single door or pass through versions. Providing cleaning and/or drying of IBCs, drums and moveable components with floor drainage.